Penny is a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist practicing since 2011. As a recognised health fund provider, Penny has industry required insurance, first aid certification, and is a member of the Australian Natural Therapies Association (ANTA). To maintain quality service and industry demands, Penny completes a minimum of 20 hours of continual educational development every 12 months. Penny has a keen focus on postural imbalances. Utilising an array of techniques, she strives to provide muscular re-balancing and alleviate associated muscular aches and pains. With a background in hospitality, Penny has an easy going nature who readily exercises her sense of humour in conversation. Penny’s commitment and dedication to her craft of remedial massage and a fascination of the amazing abilities of the human body compel her to continually add to her knowledge base.


Vocational Student of the Year finalist
Challenger Institute of Technology

Diploma Remedial Massage,
Top Student

Company Profile

Weaver’s Remedial Therapies is a locally owned and operated business. Commencing in 2011, they have been continually subcontracting to other local massage clinics, developing and maintaining a loyal client base. However, 2016 as seen the establishment of Weaver’s Remedial Therapies in their own clinic within the Woodbridge Physiotherapy Centre, located adjacent to Malibu Road, Safety Bay. Weaver’s Remedial Therapies offers a complementary approach to the treatment of patients within a comfortable, considerate and professional environment.

Weaver’s Remedial Therapies came to be in order to achieve the long sought ‘work-life’ balance. Developing a business that can also be flexible around family, whilst providing support and benefit to clientele is a dream come true. Weaver’s Remedial Therapies seek to broaden the scope of complementary therapies available to clients in the long term to include reflexology and naturopathy services. However, these are a work in progress presently, as a part-time university degree takes a bit of time to achieve.

Penny has been practicing Remedial Massage since 2011. Each year a minimum of 20 hours Continual Professional Education (CPE) is conducted by Penny to maintain relevant with industry standards and requirements. Many hands-on workshops, seminars and conferences provide stimulating educational experiences, which translates to an ever evolving, improving and developing treatment skill set.

Penny has been fortunate to have developed many loyal and long serving clients over the years. She sees the opportunity to provide remedial massage as a privilege and honour, to assist in helping the body heal itself.

  • Provide an integrated approach for clients to re-balance and harmonize their body; through massage, education, exercise and therapeutic techniques.
  • Provide a welcoming, nurturing and positive environment for all persons. To support and guide the body in its innate ability to heal itself.
  • Practice and continually improve professional skills. To continue to learn and expand my knowledge in allopathic health by endeavouring to keep up-to-date within the industry
  • To provide a positive experience for all participants in a respectful, caring, educative environment.
  • To provide a relaxation/ therapeutic experience from the delivery of a chair massage.

Wherever possible sustainable organic products are utilised. Body friendly products are used in treatments.


Why massage?
• Increases circulation
• Increases immunological response
• Improves sleep
• Decreases stress
• Decreases tension
• Reduces pain
• Decreases blood pressure
• Increases range of motion (ROM) and joint mobilisation
• Rebalances posture
• Targets muscle imbalances
• Rebalances muscles
• Improve posture
• Improve productivity
• Rejuvenating
• Invigorating
• Reduce swelling and recovery times
• Re-connects the body and mind